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Author of Queer Contemporary Romance

  with snarky humor and heart

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Hi! Thanks for visiting my website.
Click around to learn about my books, my background, and my inspirations.

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I'll be starting a new series in 2025 with SECRET SPARK! This sapphic romance will be my first foray into independent publishing. Mistaken secret identity shenanigans when Sadie thinks her hot new neighbor is one of Vector City's superheroes, only Joan's actually a supervillain named Spark.
Stay tuned for more details!

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Image with a blurry pale blue, pink and gold background with the text "The Out on the Ice Series is being released in audiobook! All 3 books available August 27!"

So excited to have Out on the Ice, Unexpected Goals and Calling the Shots coming to you for the first time in audiobook on August 27 from Spotify! Same words, new covers. Narrated by Chelsea Stephens.

Pre-Order links coming soon!

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July 10-14

Golden Crown Literary Society Conference

InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront

St. Paul, Minnesota

Book Signing: Saturday, July 13

2:00 PM-3:30 PM Central (US)

September 6-7

Romance Con

Baird Center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Book signing TBD

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Graphic art illustration of two white women facing each other. The woman on the left has chin-length blonde hair and is smirking. She has her arms crossed over a black suit. The woman on the right has short dark hair and is smiling with her hands on her hips over a blue suit.

Tierney & Regan from Calling the Shots by Venika Bibra

 Caro, Amy & Doug from Out on the Ice by Brent Walker

Maisy & Jen from Unexpected Goals by Tony M. Farmer

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