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Out on the Ice

(Out on the Ice Series #1)

Carina Press

August 2020

Available in eBook

  Amazon #1 Best Seller  

Caro Cassidy used to be a legend.

During her career, Caro was one of the best defense players in women’s hockey. These days, she keeps to herself. Her all-girls hockey camp is her life, and she hopes it’ll be her legacy. Sure, her new summer hire is charming and magnetic, but Caro keeps her work and personal life strictly separate.

Amy Schwarzbach lives life out loud.

Amy’s as bright and cheerful as her lavender hair, and she uses her high-profile position in women’s hockey to advocate for the things she believes in. Ten weeks in Chicago coaching a girls’ training camp is the perfect opportunity to mentor the next generation before she goes back to Boston.

Letting love in means putting yourself out there.

When the reticent head coach offers to help Amy get in shape for next season, her starstruck crush on Caro quickly blossoms into real chemistry. As summer comes to an end, neither of them can quite let go of this fling—but Amy can’t afford a distraction, and Caro can’t risk her relationship becoming public and jeopardizing the one thing that’s really hers.

* * * * *

This book is a slow burn romance with a closed door/fade to black heat level.

It contains instances of homophobia and biphobia,

discussions of mental health conditions, and a brief mention of suicidal ideation.


Book cover for Out on the Ice. A young white woman with short purple hair is kissing the cheek of a smiling young white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair.
Book cover for Unexpected Goals. A young white woman with long brown hair has her arms around a young white blonde woman. Both are smiling.

Unexpected Goals

(Out on the Ice Series #2)

Carina Press

November 2021

Available in eBook

  Kobo #1 Best Seller  

On-ice rivals find some surprising heat under all their hostility in this enemies-to-lovers hockey romance

If you can’t play nice, play hockey

Canadian goalie Maisy Goode is wary of American Jen Donato and her dirty playing. She’s been on the receiving end of Jen’s aggressive style and doesn’t like it one bit. Now that they’re on the same women’s pro team, keeping her eyes off Jen is a struggle.

Jen signed up to win it all with the Boston Ice. Her very public clashes with their hot goalie aren’t going to derail her championship plans. Jen’s a professional. But there’s just something about Maisy that gets under her skin.

The media loves the tension, but the more time Maisy and Jen are forced to spend together, the more they discover what’s between them isn’t entirely hostile.

At all.

Banter turns into flirting, and flirting turns into more. The closer they get to the playoffs, the more pressure weighs on the team—and the couple. Maisy needs Jen’s support. Jen needs to know Maisy’s all in. And it all needs to get sorted out before the season—and their relationship—closes out.

* * * * *

This book is a slow burn romance with a closed door/fade to black heat level.

It contains characters going through their personal and emotional journeys of coming out.

Illustrated book cover for Calling the Shots. A cartoon white woman is on the left holding a clipboard wearing athletic clothing. A cartoon white woman on the right is wearing a black suit. There is a hockey stick leaning in one corner, and a puck.

Calling the Shots

(Out on the Ice Series #3)

Carina Press

November 2022

Available in eBook

  Kobo #1 Best Seller  

Two passionate hockey coaches face off in this rivals-to-lovers romance

Retired superstar Regan Lane is known for being outspoken. She’s never been one to keep her opinions to herself. When she lands a head coaching job in the women’s pro league with the Boston Ice, her brash promise to win the championship in her first year shocks no one. Especially not Tierney McGovern, head coach of the rival New York Lady Libertys.

Single mom Tierney knows what it’s like to live in someone else’s shadow, and she won’t let Regan steal the spotlight. Besides, she knows exactly how Regan operates: when it comes to delivering on her promises, she falls pitifully short. At least she did when she ghosted Tierney after their long-ago amazing week together.

As their teams face each other game after game, it doesn’t take long for them to realize their hockey rivalry isn’t the only thing heating up. And that maybe the real victory is in taking big chances on the ice—and off.

* * * * *

This book is a medium burn romance with a closed door/fade to black heat level.

It contains mild discussions of childhood upheaval and family dysfunction.

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