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Book cover with the text “Kelly Farmer. Secret Spark. A Happily Ever After Collective Novella.” It has a light pink background with the close-up of a white woman with chin-length brown hair looking to the side while making a shushing motion with her finger over her mouth. She is wearing a short-sleeved dark blue shirt with off-white leaves on it.

Secret Spark

Releasing in early 2025!

More details coming soon...

A hero? A villain? Maybe a little of both.

Sadie Eagan thinks her hot new neighbor is one of Vector City’s Superheroes. A Super living across the hall brings excitement to her humdrum life. Working at a coffeehouse is much safer than opening her own café. Dating a literal hero would break the cycle of being taken advantage of by deceitful partners.

Joan Malone does have a secret identity—only she’s Spark, one of the city’s Supervillains. Shooting fire has always made people afraid of her. She’s been trying to leave villainy to open a food truck with her twin brother. When her cute neighbor Sadie assumes Joan’s a Superhero, Joan doesn’t exactly correct her. Sadie’s the nice girl Joan’s been dreaming about.

When Sadie discovers the truth, she realizes she’s fallen for the bad girl. Again. A rift with the Villains forces Joan to choose what she truly wants. She just might be the goodhearted person Sadie deserves.

* * * * *

This is a fun, fairly lighthearted story with on-page sex. There is a nonviolent kidnapping, references to family estrangement (not related to sexuality or gender expression), and people with superpowers mostly using them against each other, but occasionally on regular humans. One of them does mind control.

NOTE: This story was previously available as a novella in the Happily Ever After Collective. I'm expanding it to a full-length novel kicking off a brand-new trilogy!

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